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Creating International Community
One Tree at a Time...

Trees bring hope to the communityWomen working to improve their community

Yermande is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting environmental and economic sustainability in the Republic of Senegal by supporting community based reforestation, clean water, and economic development projects.  Yermande is a word in Wolof, the most popular African language in Senegal.  It is best translated as compassion, and describes the empathic understanding that motivates people to help one another.

Yermande uses three activities to confront poverty and environmental degradation in Senegal.


Community Based Reforestation

We help people organize a program of sustainable reforestation within their own communities, giving them the chance to protect and reclaim their land and have greater control over their community's future.

Clean Drinking Water and Irrigation Systems

We develop clean drinking water and irrigation projects based on renewable solar and wind power to greatly increase the quality of life and the economic viability of the communities in which we work.

Community organization for economic development

We help organize community groups to work towards mutual economic development and environmental conservation. These groups work together using craftwork, reforestation, gardening and small commerce projects to provide their livelihood and improve their local environment.

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